Bitter Orange Extract and Weight Loss

Bitter Orange Extract and Weight LossBitter Orange Extract and Weight Loss

Bitter orange is considered a chemical cousin of the ephedra plant, as the peel contains two stimulant ingredients synephrine and octopamine, that act similar to ephedra. Because of the FDA ban on ephedra, some sources say to avoid this ingredient whenever possible, but many others maintain you can get the same effect as you would from ephedra, without the side effects.

The reason bitter orange is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements, and is a highly recommended supplement for people who are trying to lose weight is because the stimulant nature of the fruit allows for an increase in metabolism so you burn more calories than you normally would, while also increasing energy levels and alertness. Not only would you burn more calories, you would also have energy to do more, which also helps burn more calories.

For bitter orange extract to be an effective weight loss supplement, it needs to be combined with a reduced calorie, nutritionally balanced diet, and a regular exercise routine making use of both cardiovascular and strength training workouts. It is not likely you will see weight loss results using this supplement alone, but it can be used to enhance your overall weight loss efforts.